Our green coffee varieties come from several different regions in northern Thailand and we determine together with our local partners the best origins to offer internationally depending on the season. The harvest takes place from November to March which is why we specify the exact specification of our green coffee towards the end of each harvest season in March.

Harvest year 2015/2016
Variety Arabica - Red Catimor.
Grade Peaberry / A
Region Doi Chaang
Processing Fully Washed
Size 5.5 mm
Max. Humidity <12.5%
Fairtrade certification No
Direct Trade Yes
Altitude 1,500m-1,700m
Cupping notes

Aroma: Mild Chocolate (dry) Honey (wet)

Flavor:  Hint of almond and vanilla, pleasant sweetness, exotic fruits. Very subtle chocolaty aftertaste and aroma with slight syrupy mouth-feel.

Acidity: Clean citrus acidity.

Overall: A harmonious mild coffee with pleasant fruity sweetness. Low in acidity and velvety mild. 


Roast  City (Medium)
Broken 1.5% max
Black 0.1%

SCAA review

SCAA Cupping Notes
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