Doi Chaang

Our premium Doi Chaang coffee is single- farm, single origin SHB arabica coffee. It is shade grown, hand picked, fresh water washed and sun dried. Naturally low in caffeine it has a complex and flavorful profile that is enhanced and released through detailed cultivating, processing and then roasting methods. It has a unique aroma and is rich in flavor. The coffee comes in Peaberry, AA, A and B screen sizes.


Doi Chang (Hill of Elephant) is referred to as the best arabica planting ground because of its rich and fertilized soil and fresh, cool weather throughout the year. As well as with the hill tribe's ancient growing tradition result in energetic orange peel scent, mixed with sweetness and chocolate notes. Immediately deliver delight and sweet aroma.

Akha Hill Tribe People

The majority of the Doi Chaang coffee farmers are immigrants from Myanmar and are commonly known as the Akha Hill Tribe people. Although the Akha Hill Tribe people have no official written language, their rich cultural history in oral language has allowed them to preserve their agricultural processes for many generations.


The Akha Hill Tribe people have been able to retain their traditional culture. They have also recently been embracing better education opportunities in nearby cities, which has allowed them to adapt to a more modern, urban lifestyle. The individuals that collectively form part of their generation are known as the “New Generation Akha”.